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Kavosh Pay Mashhad consulting engineers was established in 1997 with support from highly competent technical and administrative staff in geotechnics & material resistance (including soil, rock, concrete, asphalt, water and soil chemistry laboratories). Providing advanced laboratory & field equipments, the company was involved in many civil projects of Khorasan province.
Considering the major role of water at an early stage in any development,
Drought crisis and severe damage left behind after flood and also strong correlation between geotechnics and hydraulic structures, we decided to get into water resources, dam construction and water and wastewater projects. accordingly after being certified by President’s Deputy of Strategic Planning and Control, recruiting skilled staff and preparing technical archive & civil engineering, water & wastewater soft wares & databases and also being awarded An ISO 9001:2008 certificate by TUV NORD,we have expanded our capabilities to include geotechnics & material resistance ,water resources development & dam construction, water & wastewater system design, irrigation & drainage, river engineering, environment & land survey, project management consultancy services & EPC:
  1. Feasibility studies phase I & phase II of dam construction projects including embankment, concrete & diversion dams.
  2. River engineering, river training & right of way delineation Studies.
  3. Artificial recharging, flood distribution & flood warning systems studies .
  4. Surface water & wastewater collection networks, wastewater treatment plants studies.
  5. Drainage & irrigation networks studies.
  6. Surface & ground water balance studies & mathematical modeling via modeling soft wares and GIS.
  7. Water history & irrigation Studies including reconnaissance, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  8. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies & ground & surface water resources contamination studies.
  9. Designing precision instruments systems used in hydraulic structures.
  10. Systematic studies & optimizing water resources operation.


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